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[edit] Weclome Humans!

I totally made this myself! No Foolin'!

Hellot! I am your superme overloard, Witchcraft andriod riots in Ontario 6400 . Other wise known as Wario64. Surrender your credit card numbers or be destriod! What? this isn't BattleStar Gillactica! I'm Outie! VOIP!

[edit] Who Really is Wario64?

I am a 12 years old male and a dang proud Canadian. My name is Christopher, and I'm from Ontario Y'all! I made up this song about my town: (rap noises) E to the L, L to the L, L to the I, I to the O, O to the T, T to the Space, Space to the L, L to the A, A to the K, K to the E, What does that spell? Elliot Lake, the place to be, And bring yo family! (Record scrathing noises)


[edit] I am...


Which Homestar Runner character are you?


Which website are you?

[edit] What I got for Decemberween

I got:

  • A blue Ipod Nano (I love it alot)
  • A Idock for my Ipod
  • A DS lite in Onyx + New Super Mario Bros (The game I lost in my other one :,( )
  • HALO!!!!!!!!! 2!!!!
  • Thrillville (Yay!)
  • Monopoly: Family Guy Collecters edition (I love family guy!)
  • Family Guy season 4 (read abouve ^)
  • A carrying case for my DS lite
  • Some KISS stuff (I'm a big fan of KISS ;) )

And I hope everyone had a good Christmas Decemberween.

[edit] Some cool Peeps

Well, this is an unlikely predicement

Trey56: For helping me out with my sig and userbox, thanx man, you rock!

TheYellowDart(t/c): For being awseome and agreeing that Robot Chicken should be 30 min. That show is freaking hilarious!

videlectrix.pngENUSY discussionitem_icon.gif user.gifmail_icon.gif: For helping me out when I first started on The wiki.

X66x66: For helping me when I nearly blew a fuse

[edit] Stuff I'm Proud of

  • I started the Office Space page. That movie roxs, roks, is cool.
  • I edit some stuff
  • Thats about it

[edit] Pictures

[edit] Happy Halloween 07!

Hey y'all! Hope you guys have a happy Halloween. Check out my pumpkin!

Are you asking my giant pumpkin head for a challengeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

[edit] Gallery of Pain

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