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It is the custom to reward Wiki contributors for hard work and due diligence by presenting them barnstars. To give the award to someone, just edit his or her user talk page to include the image, and say why you've given it.

The concept of the barnstar as a Wiki award was created by SunirShah on MeatballWiki. It has since been imported into the Wikipedia and now here to the Homestar Runner Wiki.

The following are the barnstars and awards currently in use, in order of creation.

[edit] Community barnstars

Any user can give out one of the following awards to another user:

The Award Name Description Recipients
The Iron Cup of Brunswick Stew This award, the first on HRWiki, is given to recognize good contributions and to let people know that their hard work is seen and appreciated. It was given to The Cheat by Strong Bad for his good work on New Boots. List of recipients
The Pizza Trophy This is a symbol of outstanding work representing collaborative effort toward a common goal. Superior to the Iron Cup. The Cheat won this award upon successful completion of all seven courses in Awexome Cross. List of recipients
The Defender of the Wiki Award A sharp sword is given to Troll Hunters to encourage them in their tireless quest to quell vandalism and behaving-like-a-jerkism. List of recipients
The Technical Knowhow Award A broken Tandy 400 given to people who contribute technically to HRWiki, making things run more effectively. List of recipients
The Golden Sub Award A tasty solid gold sub given to people that make subtitles, so that more people around the world can enjoy Homestar Runner. List of recipients

[edit] Individual users' barnstars

These are awards given out by specific users:

The Award Name Description Given by Recipients
Grammar Guru Award This award is to show appreciation for a specific user's knowledge and application of grammar throughout the wiki. Invisible Robot Fish List of recipients
Thank You Award This award is given to those that help Bubsty or others, or people doing something that deserves a "thanks." Bubsty List of recipients
N.A.G.L.C. Award A person who solves a NAGLC trivia question. Any N.A.G.L.C. Member List of recipients
Some Award Presented to some user for some reason. Some Member List of recipients
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