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I mostly am at Fanstuff,but I come here from time to time to.

[edit] Charactor Vid

Some Guy: Rollin'

Me: Im a Pear with googly eyes glued to it, what more do you want?

Some Guy: Some Charactor Video this is. {Some Guy gets into his car and leaves} {Eyeball-pear falls and burst into flames}

Nah not really,im not a pear with eyeballs glued to it.Im a normal boy who is crazy over first learned of Homestar when I had a school project to do,and the class was in the "Computer Lab".My friend typed in Peasants,and wouldn't you know it Homestars own Peasant Quest the Game popped up,after that everyone was on the site.My friend who found the site and went on playing the game,beating the game probably using the wikis guide(he said he used an online guide to help him).I never went back to it,never talking about Homestar Runner again until the 6th grade.My other friend showed me a drawing he made of Pom-Pom,using it as a made up character of his and mines friend(The made up characters name is Voom Voom,hes a magical headless leprechaun,Pom Pom and him dont communicate that much anymore.)I asked where he was from and he said go to and see the sbemail pom pom.So I went to it and from sometime in school starty time ive loved Homestar since.My friend and I every Monday we see each other in class, ask one another if....well...."Did you see the new Email?" or what evers new on the site.Ive been an HStar fan for 7 months now.For a couple of months in my life,we had a terrible virus and I couldnt get on HStar for some time.Or until I went to my grand parents house.But im back on it now.So.........

Some Info

First Email: pom pom Favorite Email: myths&legends Favorite Character: StrongBad Favorite Game(s): Stinkoman 20X6 and Peasant Quest

Will update more later....

[edit] U-zer Boxes

My Current User Boxes


Thats Pretty Much it...Ill update more when I see ones that fit me :).

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