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--Ert+ (talk · edits)

Who is this guy, anyway?!
Name Steve
Also known as Ert+, Ert plus, E+, E.P., that guy
Born October 6, 1989
Free Country, USA
User of H*R Wiki August 17, 2007 – present
Occupation Member of his own secret organization, with affiliates in offshore casinos
(October 29, 2004 – present)

Member of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets
(June 27, 2007 – present)
Hobbies Baseball, walking, exploring new places, surfing the web, watching TV, playing video games, sleeping

Steve (born October 6, 1989), better known as Ert+, is a famed scam artist known for being responsible for numerous scams and scandalous incidents.

He is the first and current member of his own secret organization, which was founded on October 29, 2004, on the same day the Halloween Fairstival took place. It started as a covert operation while everyone was gathering around during the fairstival, which would create the perfect diversion. Allegedly, Bubs was part of this operation, with Bub's Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club being suspected of serving as a secret backdrop for these operations. The fact that Bubs' "approach... was to ensure that absolutely no one recognized [his] costume", as mentioned by Strong Bad, was deemed suspicious. On November 14, 2004, this controversial organization was responsible for sending the Strong Bad Email, virus, which ultimately led to the destruction of Strong Bad's second computer, the Compy 386, in which case Bubs acquired . After an investigation into the incident conducted by the On Point Kings, Strong Bad's suspicions of the virus email as being one of those sent by "the kind that moms and offshore casinos send you" were indeed confirmed, as the secret organization was, in fact, affiliated with offshore casinos. Ert+ is also a member of the Broternal Order of Different Helmets, which he joined on June 27, 2007, in which case he was late for the inaugural meeting


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