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hi! my name is eggs tree! this is my page! first, it's goin' to be a series of my favorite Xeriouxly Forxe formed variations! ready...GO!!! (and I made my own...thing and here it is!!!)

hello, Batman!

[edit] something

welcome to eggs tree wiki, this is a knowledge base that anyone can edit.

[edit] today's featured links

[edit] today's featured article

today's featured article: pom pom
main article: Pom Pom

pom pom is a "dumb animal charachter" that "blurbles" for talking (or "instead of talking") and he looks like a big cheese. (the cheat also looks like a cheese). for more information click here!

[edit] notes

[edit] Note: new signature!!!

my new signature is eggs tree talk now...I'll...just...go.

[edit] Note: images!!!

these are my favorite they are!!!

[edit] Favorite Xeriouxly Forxe Characters!

[edit] funny ones

[edit] funny names

image: name: description:
zoach C It's funny because the Z is a C and the Z is a C.
bubz Funny. the S is replaced with Z which is identical to Coach Z.
still homsar you know why that's funny.

[edit] funny looks

image: name: Description:
The Smith he looks like a pig to me!
S. Sad S. Sad has become even more like an elephant.

[edit] cool looks

image: name: Description:
"Xeriouxly Forxe... did I say that right? H. star has doc ock arms from batman on his neck.

S. Sad Эпльзь? I mean...yeah, whatever.
Bubz cool! go to xhe worx, xarate bubx!

[edit] most un-popular jokes

[edit] Joke 1

Q: what silverware is now "revamped for the 90's"?
A: xeriouxly forks!

[edit] Joke 2

Q: why did the spider crawl across the compy?
A: it wanted to go to his homestar runner. com website

[edit] ideas

how 'bout a little strong sad journal toon! ! !

[edit] journal toon

toon category: big toon

strong bad writes a journal about this dumb guy.

cast: Strong Bad , strong sad

places: Strong Sad's room


{the front of the book is brown and has (in strong sad's
writing) "strong sad's journal" written on it}
{the page has strong sad on it.}
STRONG BAD: {reads the text on & in the book}

hello! I am strong sad!
I am dumb.
NEXT PAGE!!! {turns page}

{this page has a gopher in a bathtub with a hole in his head on it}

I am dumber than a...scientest gopher
in a bathtub with a hole in his head!! [1]
NEXT PAGE!!! {turns page again}

{this page has strong sad thinking of a picture of gunhaver}

and ALSO...I DON'T know what to do!!!

GUNHAVER: {shaking} wuh wuh wuh buh buh buh zuh zuh zuh
{turns to page of a happy strong sad in sweet cuppin' cakes land.}

and I always want to be in sweet
cuppin' cakes land

{the back of the book "end."click on the period for
easter egg} STRONG SAD: {in sweet cuppin' cakes land} yay! cupping cakes land!!!
WHEELCHAIR: yahoo!!! maybe 2!!! I need to get eh, steve!!!
EH, STEVE!: eh, steve!
WHEELCHAIR: you need steve? I'll get 'em!
STRONG SAD: whatever.
A VOICE: I'll find steve!!!
EH, STEVE!: eh, steve!!!

[edit] footnote

a gopher in a bath with a hole in his head means he doesn't know anything (or he has water in his brain!)

[edit] MAIN PAGE 27 IDEA!!!!!!!

was there ever a Dangeresque main page???
get ready for dangeresque 4: escape the main page!!!
toons: dangeresque comes and says his famous line and jumps out the window.

[edit] xeriouxly fightx???

wouldn't it be cool if there was a xeriouxly forxe game and you can pick your own place, charachter and each charachter has their own attack? the places will be...

yes, and you can play EVERY charachter except the unlockables...

if you select xhe xtick you'll skip the places and end up in the Xeriouxly Forxe feild.

[edit] see also

User:stong bad (my fanstuff login)

[edit] my comics!!

[edit] Comic # 1: the BLAN!

[edit] Comic # 2: the TWO 1-UP'S CHALLEEENNNGGEE!!!

[edit] Comic # 3: big or small?

[edit] my navigation

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