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Meet me.

I don't use this wiki much anymore. So I won't edit pages much, because now I have other interests. I guess you can call me inactive.


[edit] My email adresses (and nicknames)

Hotmail: send.
G-mail: send.

You can also send me an email with the wiki email if you set it up.

My nicknames are as follows:

  1. Forum - Dark_Link_Skywalker
  2. Fanstuff - Darklinkskywalker
  3. HRWiki - Same as Fanstuff.

[edit] Other Random Stuff

Hey everypeoples! Like I said before, I have my own sprite comics and later (possibly) even a movie and game for the comic. Um... uhhh... that's... all I can think of. {for now}

[edit] I was gonna put somethin' else here, but I forgot what it was. I often do that

[edit] Fave quotes

Bubs: Hey there, everypeoples!
Homsar: If you give me a treat, make sure that it's sweet, and I'll eeeeeat iiiiit!
Homestar: Woh! Wah! Bennedetto! Did you get ahold of some bad corn-style rations? Keep that mess down, soldier! Keep it down! Crap! Crap! No! The Cheat, run for your life!
Strong Bad: Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meedley Meeeeeeee!
Strong Sad: Don't you touch that zabbitablough!
The Cheat: Meh!
Stinkoman: Double DEUCE!
1-Up: I wanna be the guy too!
The Homestar Runner: Fat Dudley, you're all wet.
The Strong Bad: Curses! I've gone to hell! How unfortunate!
The Poopsmith: Hello!
Marzipan: Ready boys? 1-2-3-4! Cool tapes are cool 'cause there where it is at, cool tapes are cool and we like it like that! Cool Tapes! Cool Tapes! We like to get down with the cool, cool tapes! We like to get down (HS:A bage of four grapes?) A bag of four graaaapes!!
Trogdor: I can honestly say it will be a pleasure and an honour to burninate you, Rather Dashing.
Rather Dashing: Where's my cottage?

More comin' soon!

[edit] About Me

There really isn't that much to say about me. But anyways, I usually go around, reading the many articles around here, and fixing grammar/spelling errors. I occasionally help out around here and try to help clean up the wiki. I have been a memeber since oh...say... June 4th, 2005 maybe (even though I have been on the wiki since about March 2005 ), I just didn't register until after I had been on for a few months. Sometimes I turn into a wikitroll, which gets so annoying. I don't want to but I often can't stop myself. It's hard to resist replacing small words with similar ones to make it more funny (once I even replaced "pamcakes" with "spamcakes" and "Popcorn" with "Popcranberries"). I always get caught though, which is bad news for me all the time, with rare occasions where I make an exception (such as when I'm trying to be caught). Sometimes I go working with my pals Metman, and YLV. I do alot with them, and yes they are real people, and happen to be my best friends. I plan to start trying to revert troll edits, and help the wiki by catching them. I have marked and removed deletion tags on pages. I enjoy patrolling the Recent Changes and reverting edits ('specially Troll edits), welcoming people, and helping with the cleanup. Currently I am trying hard to be a WikiGnome. I wish I was a sysop. And since someone (usually FireBird) goes and deltes any articles I create, don't expect me to make any more pages for a while. I believe I have absolutely no idea how many edits I've done (check my contribs)and counting. I am also now part of the welcoming comitee.! As you may have guessed, I also like to hang around the Bonus Stage Wiki. Other cartoons I enjoy besides Homestar Runner are Eskimo Bob, Bonus Stage and High Score and All your Base parodies such as "All Your BASS Are Belong To Us (megaman)" and All your base are belong to homestar. Or just plain all your base. Eskimo Bob Episode 12 is pretty short, but it's ok. I am also a Canadian. Canada rocks. I think it's better than america.

[edit] Additional Information

Age: 16

Height: 6'2

Live in: CANADA

Other stuff I like: Sonic the Hedgehog, lotsa Sega stuff (especially ROMs), and Star Wars. Nintendo's awesome too.

Pages I hang out on: STUFF, Stinkoman 20X6, RC lots and lots of other pages...

Admins that I like:Homestar Coderhomestar-coder-sig.gif, —FireBird|Talk, wikisig.gif Joey (talk·edits)

Favorite SBemail: ummm...

Toon: A Folky Tale

Game: Stinkoman 20X6

Religion: Christian

TV shows: Naruto, Inuyasha, One Piece, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gundam Seed, Fullmetal Alchemist, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, AFV, All in the Family, Family Guy, The Simpsons

Video Games: Sonic 2 Long, Sonic Riders, Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen series, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, RuneScape, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4 and World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield 2 and 1942, Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption etc.

If you want, check out my website's Corkboard, or read my blog, or check out the other site metman.exe & I are working on at

and maybe I'll tell ya more some other time.

[edit] My comics

First :here, Alternate page with bg music. <!--Broken link now fixed/changed! TEE HEEEEE?--> I would have it on this page if it wasn't "corrupt or has an incorrect extention" This is also my banner on the forum.

[edit] Wikis

Join them! If I don't have a link, it's because I'm too lazy to find out what it is. Google it or something.

Bonus Stage (this wiki closed a while ago, I'm not sure why I'm keeping the link here)
RuneScape Wiki
Eskimo Bob

Well, as usual, I forgot the other wikis that I was gonna post. DAMN YOU SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS!

[edit] RuneScape stuff

Accounts in case you wanna contact me = Naraku571, Dlskywalker Favorite players = Manic2463 (has many other accounts, but is my real friend and introduced me to the game, his HRWiki account is Metman.EXE) Zezima (top game player) N0valyfe (previously 3rd best) The Old Nite (previously second best player, but died of cancer in summer 2006) My Combat lvl = 81

other stuff coming soon

[edit] Links

CUL8ER --Click on my name to go to my talk page. Darklinkskywalker

View my contribs by clicking the link in my sig: —Darklinkskywalker|Talk_|i did this stuff_

Email me to find out why I have the old welcome template embedded in my user page if you really care.</span>
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