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[edit] Step Right Up!

Aaaaaaaaaaaah'm a crudely drawn cupcake! Dooooon't forget your tapesicle! No, really, I'm Matt, I'm 14, I love H*R, and discovered it in... It was like, 200...4? My teacher showed it to me. I don't edit too much, 'sept for grammar stuffs. I could use some help with this page, making it better, so, if you can, leave some tips on my talk page. THANKS!

[edit] Favorite Toons

I've seen all of em, sept the ones on the DVDs, so my favorites are...

Everything in SBCG4AP
E-Mail flashback
E-Mail different town
All of teen girl squad
I can't think of anymore.

[edit] Favorite Quotes

Not to worry! More will be added.

[edit] Homsar

  • "AaaaaaaaaaaahAaaaaaaaaaahAaaaaaaaaaaaah! Step right up! Aaaaaaaaaah'm a crudely drawn cupcake! Dooooon't forget your tapesicle!" - From Homestar Ruiner

[edit] Strong Bad

  • "Maybe it has something to do with how I forgot to register the domain name and some 12 year old kid beat me to it and is asking in the high six figures for it. But maybe that's just some halarious coincidence!" - From April Fool 09

[edit] Homestar Runner

  • "Taco-Man came by. He gave me some water, he gave me some water. What are you guys gonna do for me?" - From Halloween Potion-ma-jig (I just love the name "taco man")

[edit] The Poopsmith

  • "Two hundred sbemails, exhausting just to think about. How can we face two hundred sbemails? The thought of all those sbemails makes me weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak! (Puke!) From email thunder

[edit] Top Ten Favorite pages


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