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[edit] Current Thing I'm Trying to Do

  • Do stuff on the wiki.

[edit] Drawings

I like to draw. I drew an imaginary animal I call Stuglyoctopus. I drew a lot of other made-up animals.

[edit] My News

  • I have PSSA week at my school.

[edit] Mistakes I (almost) Always Make

  • Miss my baritone lessons. I keep looking at the clock every like minute. I try to get there five minutes before my lesson which is at 2:30 P.M. because my lesson is three quarters of the school away, but then I skip the whole five minutes of looking at the clock.

[edit] Links

[edit] Within the Wiki

These pages look, are, or should be aswome.

[edit] External

[edit] Other Wikis

[edit] Other Great Things

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