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"Just six more now! Eight and four! Shake it freely, twees it out!"

Twees is a euphemism for one's buttocks. According to Homestar Runner, it is short for "buttweesimo". It can also be used metaphorically, such as referring to someone as a "horse's twees".

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: lady fan — Homestar, pretending to be an aerobics instructor, encourages Strong Bad to "twees it out", to Strong Bad's disdain. Later, after Strong Bad sets Marzipan's crafts on fire, she calls him a "horse's twees".
  • Homestar Ruiner — Homestar claims that he's been "training his twees off for weeks". Strong Bad refers to the nuisance trophy as "awarded for being an extreme pain-in-the-twees".
  • Fan 'Stumes 2019 — Homestar refers to a Homestarmy costume as General Buttweesimo Twice-times-Removed Shoulderthingies.
  • Halloween Hide & Seek — Homestar asks The King of Town, who is bouncing on a trampoline, if he's trying to "twees it out".
  • Decemberweenvent Calendar — On day 17, after listening to the music of the day, Homestar sees his cow lamp speaking to him and decides to "pretend [he] didn't see that". The lamp replies "You bet your ever lovin' twees, you will, mister!"
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