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Snappy comments and obscure references.

Tom Servo is a fictional robotic character in the classic cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. He would often appear silhouetted against a theater screen, along with the other MST3K characters, criticizing B movies deemed to be horrible.

Tom Servo makes a brief cameo appearance in A Jorb Well Done, silhouetted next to Coach Z in the movie theater, as Pom Pom is trying to teach Coach Z how to pronounce "job".

The Brothers Chaps have an actual Tom Servo puppet, which was sent to them by Jim Mallon, executive producer and rights holder of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

In I Killed Pom Pom, Marzipan dresses as Tom Servo for Halloween. Her line "There's a bad horror movie on. Want to make snappy comments and obscure references while we watch it?" is also a reference to MST3K, as it describes the series in a nutshell.

On @StrongBadActual, a puppet of him, along with the 2016 Strong Bad puppet, a papier-mâché head, and William Shakespeare, all with the Stop Sign, has been referred to as "the new Rushmore". This may be the puppet that was given to The Brothers Chaps.

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