The Old Pietimer Place

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The Old Pietimer Place

The Old Pietimer Place is the abandoned Old-Timey house that the Pietimers used to live in. It is a prime location for The Homestar Runner and co. to look for a ghost in That a Ghost. It has a spiked fence and some dead trees in the yard. The house itself is somewhat reminiscent of the Addams Family or Psycho houses. Inside we have seen a spooky library and a portrait hall where The Guys live. The dining room still has some table settings out and the storage room contains bootleg hooch.

Eustice Pietimer is buried in the nearby Cholera Acres Cemetary.

[edit] List of books on the bookshelf

  • Zombies Are Cool
  • Ghastly Monsters
  • Banshees, indeed!
  • A Goodtime Story
  • There is a Ghost in This Book
  • Creepiness, Oh My!
  • The Ghost In My Pocket
  • 27 Cent Ghosties
  • The Haunted Jacuzzi
  • Creepy Stories for Toddlers
  • Ghostly Measures
  • Dead Things Book One
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