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Subtitles logo These are the French subtitles for The Reddest Radish. watch this toon
To watch the toon with subtitles, we recommend that you install either the All-In-One Greasemonkey script for Firefox or the Homestar All-In-One extension for Chrome.
It will give you the option to automatically display subtitles when you view toons on and those mirrored locally. Alternatively, you may use our local viewer.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="fr" file="radish.swf" width="550" height="400">
<line start="17" end="151" speaker="sfx">musique</line>
<line start="155" end="216" speaker="marzipan">La la la la la la la... La la la la</line>
<line start="217" end="243" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
<line start="260" end="288" speaker="marzipan">Oh !</line>
<line start="289" end="332" speaker="marzipan">Cette note est amener moi croire que Homestar Runner est malade.</line>
<line start="333" end="338" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
<line start="339" end="359" speaker="marzipan">J'irais lui voir.</line>
<line start="362" end="388" speaker="strongbad">Bien, obtenez le légume !</line>
<line start="389" end="418"><sfx>huer</sfx><strongbad>J'ai eu triché !</strongbad></line>
<line start="459" end="471" speaker="marzipan">Aïe.</line>
<line start="472" end="516" speaker="marzipan">Homestar Runner, tu vas bien ?</line>
<line start="517" end="557" speaker="marzipan">Homestar, tu y es dans ? C'est moi, Marzipan !</line>
<line start="558" end="563" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
<line start="564" end="589"><sfx>huée bourrée</sfx> <strongbad>Punaise, tu gars,</strongbad> </line>
<line start="590" end="627" speaker="strongbad">Avec le radis de Marzipan, nous gagnerons la compétition,</line>
<line start="628" end="699" speaker="strongbad">Et quand, probablement devenu célèbre... un peu...</line>
<line start="700" end="709" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
<line start="710" end="755" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">Dames et meisseurs, la compétition commence en 15 minutes.</line>
<line start="756" end="812" speaker="theannouncer" voiceover="voiceover">A-a-a-a-a-a-apportez vos radises à la superficie d'estrade, s'il vous plaît.</line>
<line start="813" end="908" speaker="homestar">Pom Pom, où est Marzipan ? Elle est supposée être ici !</line>
<line start="932" end="938" speaker="marzipan">Aïe.</line>
<line start="939" end="967" speaker="marzipan">Homestar, laissez-moi dans.</line>
<line start="968" end="974" speaker="marzipan">Aïe.</line>
<line start="975" end="1007" speaker="marzipan">Homestar Runner, tu y es dans ?</line>
<line start="1030" end="1040" speaker="marzipan">J'suis sortir.</line>
<line start="1041" end="1050" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
<line start="1051" end="1119" speaker="strongbad">Nous avons le radis, nous avons le radis, et nous gagnons le concours !</line>
<line start="1120" end="1130" speaker="sfx">huer</line>
<line start="1131" end="1145" speaker="pompom">bulles</line>
<line start="1146" end="1174" speaker="homestar">Tu saves quel, Pom Pom ? Tu es raison.</line>
<line start="1175" end="1219" speaker="homestar">Ruer cette boîte me fera sentir mieux.</line>
<line start="1258" end="1266" speaker="sfx">huée</line>
<line start="1267" end="1283" speaker="strongbad">Quel le... ?</line>
<line start="1284" end="1308" speaker="strongbad">Bordel de merde !</line>
<line start="1310" end="1316" speaker="strongbad">Bordel de merde !</line>
<line start="1317" end="1323"><strongbad>Bordel de merde !</strongbad><sfx>rire</sfx></line>
<line start="1338" end="1352" speaker="homestar">Hé, ce radis est de Marzipan !</line>
<line start="1353" end="1371" speaker="strongbad">Dehors du chemin, Homestar !</line>
<line start="1471" end="1563" speaker="homestar">Regardez, Marzipan, j'ai obtenu le Radis Plus Rouge de Strong Baaaaaaaaaaad !</line>
<line start="1564" end="1618" speaker="marzipan">Qu'est-ce que tu as parles environ ? C'est pas le Radis Plus Rouge !</line>
<line start="1619" end="1631" speaker="marzipan">C'est !</line>
<line start="1632" end="1659" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
<line start="1671" end="1687" speaker="marzipan">J'suis un gagnante !</line>
<line start="1688" end="1718" speaker="sfx">rire</line>
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