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The secret Strong Bad Talker

The Strong Bad Talker is an Easter egg on the Homestar Talker that features Strong Bad in a talker game rather than Homestar Runner.


[edit] Words

  • beat
  • to
  • out
  • am
  • total
  • a
  • is
  • win
  • of
  • i
  • get
  • my
  • but

[edit] Easter Eggs

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Strong Bad has his modern design in this game, since The Brothers Chaps modified his face to look like he does today, but he still has his original voice.
  • The original phrase to unlock the Strong Bad's Room Main Page was "Homestar is nothing but a total loser."
  • Strong Bad's "nothing" is from (or is very similar to that in) In Search of the Yello Dello.
  • Strong Bad's "competition" is from (or is very similar to that in) A Jumping Jack Contest.
  • The word "out" has a slightly thicker outline than the rest of the words.

[edit] Glitches

  • Clicking and holding a word will cause Strong Bad to say it without moving his lips. This also allows for making phrases without losing stars. Upon letting go of the word, he will move his lips, unless the cursor is not hovering over the word.
  • Clicking a word repeatedly in fast succession adds a simultaneous voice track for each click, creating an echo effect.
  • Clicking on "loser" in the Strong Bad Talker will neither gain nor lose any stars.
  • Several of the sound files are cut off, likely a glitch due to Ruffle.

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