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The Newest Telebision
Channel Surfer

The Telebision is Strong Bad's old console TV. This is the television seen from the front in the basement of the Brothers Strong. In stand-up, it was also shown in Strong Sad's room. It gets its name from the page title of the Telebision Toons Menu, which reads "telebision at its best!". In this old toons menu, it appears to have at least 6 channels.

The Telebision has a remote control that Strong Bad has used on several occasions. However, the Telebision uses a dial to operate, so the remote control must be used to operate the XL ProTime VHS/VCR Player on top of the Telebision. The dial is always set to channel 3 which is a common input channel for VCRs. It has also served as a projectile to be thrown at another character's face. In Bug In Mouth Disease, Strong Bad uses the remote control to hit Homestar Runner, thus allowing the bug that was trapped in his throat to escape. In the email best thing, it is thrown in Strong Sad's face, much to his surprise. After earning his sixth point on his Strong Bad rewards card in privileges, The Cheat gained access to the mute button on the remote. The remote is apparently destroyed in the "Remote Put" event of the Strong Badathlon. A similar remote is used for controlling Homestar's TeeBee on the TV Time Toons Menu.

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