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In the beginning...
...there were "The Strong Bads".

Ever since the first toon, professional wrestling has been a popular subject within the Homestar Runner body of work. In particular, references to wrestlers from the 1980s and early 1990s are often seen, suggesting they were as much part of growing up for The Brothers Chaps as Nintendo and Saturday morning cartoons.

Strong Bad and Strong Mad were originally inspired by wrestlers, and have had professional wrestling careers.

[edit] References

  • Mr. Bland is holding a sign that says "Wrestling Mania". This is quite likely a reference to the annual World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event, WrestleMania.
  • The Announcer says Strong Bad hails from Parts Unknown. Having characters (especially masked wrestlers, like Strong Bad) come from "Parts Unknown" is a standard way of adding to a wrestler's mystique.
  • The largely ineffective "windmill punch" Strong Bad tries to use on Homestar has actually been used in real life to similar comedic effect — such as during one of the wrestling matches comedian Andy Kaufman staged with professional wrestler Jerry Lawler.

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