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In the Homestar Runner universe, characters are sometimes hired to wear mascot costumes.



Image Description Appearances
Jolly Dumple Costume
See main article: The Jolly Dumple

The Jolly Dumple is the mascot for Crazy Go Nuts University. It is worn by Homestar Runner and made of Polymascotfoamalate.

mascot, 4 branches, rough copy (endzone image only), On Break
"Well, to tell you the truth there, Poppy, I've always enjoyed a good chafe."
Stoppy the Sign Costume

Stoppy the Sign is a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount Ridesplace! USA. It is worn by Coach Z.

theme park, On Break (Easter egg)
"We'll call 'em Poppy... Poppy the Tire."
Poppy the Tire Costume

Poppy the Tire is a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA. It is worn by Homestar Runner.

theme park, On Break (Easter egg)
"It's time for tasteball!"
General Tso's Chicken Costume (Ryan S.)

General Tso's Chicken, a box of takeout with "Ryan S." written on it, is a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount Ridesplace! USA. It is worn by Homsar.

theme park
"Pictures with the Tragic Clown Dog ain't free!"
Tragic Clown Dog Costume
See main article: Tragic Clown Dog

The Tragic Clown Dog is the mascot for Bubs' Concession Stand. It is worn by Strong Bad.

part-time job, long pants (mentioned), On Break, The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
"I'll chop off your legs!"
Drive-Thru Whale Costume

The Drive-Thru Whale costume is the costume version of the Blubb-O's mascot, the Drive-Thru Whale. Coach Z wears this costume.

Blubb-O's Commercial, On Break
"NO! STOP! It's just me, Regular Greg from AP Calculus!"
The Fighting Growlback

The Fighting Growlback is the mascot for the Growlbacks, worn by Regular Greg. D N'D Greg mistakes him for a level 4 shambling Krenshar and attacks him.

4 Gregs
"P-squared's not with the union. He doesn't even get a break."
Pom Pom Sign

Pom Pom wearing a sign, advertising for Bubs' Concession Stand. He seems to fail at attracting customers, and does not get a break due to the fact that he isn't in a union.

On Break
"Who do you think took this bite out of my head?"
Marshie Costume

Homestar dresses up as Marshie to advertise a new flavor of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. The costume speaks in Marshie's voice, and it is unclear if Homestar has control over it.

Later That Night...
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