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"Maximize your cloits and dloits with the ease of a thousandaire!"

In many Homestar Runner cartoons, several characters, most often Strong Bad, have been shown to have a habit of making up names of body parts that don't exist. Some of these names have been made by adding the stereotypical Latin suffix -us at the end.

[edit] Appearances

  • Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True — Strong Bad complains about his broken "clavicus majorus". This name is based on the clavicle bone, also known as the "collarbone", found in the shoulder, as well as "major", which in medical contexts usually refers to the chief section of a body part. As the clavicle bone does not have multiple components, this term is nonsensical.
    • Email unused emails — Strong Bad runs and jumps on the table in his computer room, and makes the same complaint about his broken "clavicus majorus" while lying on his back.
  • Email suntanThe Cloitsterizer claims to be able to maximize the "cloits and dloits", two more nonexistent body parts.
  • Peasant's Quest — If Rather Dashing repeatedly uses the crank at the well, the game mentions exercising his "Deltoidus Rex" muscles. This name is based on the deltoid muscle of the shoulder. Rex is Latin for "king".
  • Strong Badia the Free — Several characters mention their "pretendix". Strong Sad's is removed and placed in a jar, and later stolen and traded to Bubs by Strong Bad. The name is similar to that of the "appendix", an organ that can be removed through surgery.
  • Halloween HijinksCoach Z suffers from a torn "rubdominal scrimmage". "Rubdominal" is a portmanteau of "Rub" and "abdominal", while "scrimmage" is a football term.

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