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The kitchen and all its four-year-old condiments.

The kitchen of the Brothers Strong is a rarely seen room in the House of the Brothers Strong. It made its debut in SBCG4AP Advertisement. To its left is the Living Room of the Brothers Strong. The door to the right leads outside to the front lawn. The staircase goes up to the computer room, Strong Sad's room, the bathroom, and Strong Mad's room.

The kitchen has never been shown in an actual Flash toon. If a situation called for Strong Bad to be in the kitchen (aside from SBCG4AP), he would use Marzipan's kitchen instead, such as in the Strong Bad Emails strong badathlon, specially marked, and sbemail 206. It's sometimes ambiguous as to whether it really is Marzipan's house or not, similar to how Homestar Runner often seems to be in Marzipan's house instead of his own. It is likely that certain rooms are simply reused by The Brothers Chaps with little thought of whose house it is— for example, both Strong Bad's and Homestar's bathroom are exactly the same.

[edit] Layout

It is a pretty standard kitchen. There is a dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, sink, and microwave, which form a corner to the left of the stairs. The only things seen in the fridge are an ancient jar of Fluffy Puff Mayo, and a can of jalapeƱo flavored aerosol cheese. Strong Bad apparently likes the fact that the fridge smells like rotting vegetables, when there's never been a vegetable in it. The microwave (referred to as the "WavyMic") apparently can't open (because, per Strong Bad, "the door is stuck shut with nacho entrails and mangled action figures"), but Homestar can be seen using it in Homestar Ruiner. In Baddest of the Bands, it shocked Strong Bad once he touched it, saying someone must have balled up a bunch of forks and stuffed them in there... yesterday. The brothers always keep boxes of cereal lying around for breakfast. Even when they are long past the expiration date, Strong Bad refuses to throw them away until he's solved the mazes on the backs.

[edit] Appearances

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