Homestar Runner and Homsar's Relationship

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"Hey, Homestar. What color iTem are you gonna get?"

Homestar Runner and Homsar have an unusual relationship. As Homsar was created from a misspelling of Homestar's name, the two of them have similar appearances.


[edit] Homestar and Homsar Getting Along

  • Email army — Homestar and Homsar are both in the Homestarmy together.
  • Homestar Presents: Presents — Homestar offers to use Homsar's "complimentary spit bucket". Homsar seems to respond appreciatively to the "donation" Homestar left.
  • Email looking old — Homestar and Homsar stand in line outside Bubs' Concession Stand, and Homestar asks Homsar what color "iTem" he will get, and he even calls Homsar "Homestar".
  • Email the paper — Homestar and Homsar are teammates.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Homsar is included as one of Homestar's speed dials.

[edit] Homestar Being Mean to Homsar

[edit] Homsar Being Mean to Homestar

[edit] Other interactions

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