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[edit] Fact Facterson

Brett Bretterson's name is similar to that of another smart, blond, teenage girl's main squeeze: Nancy Drew's steady boyfriend Ned Nickerson.

From: Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
Posted on: 19:14, 18 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • The names sound similar, and So-and-So has similar characteristics to Nancy Drew. Also, Ned Nickerson was as cheesy in the books as Brett Bretterson is in the toons.

Arguments against:

  • A supreme stretch. It's more likely to be Strong Bad's love of -erson words again.
  • "Similar" just isn't enough, especially given that there are no other real connections.

Additional comments:

  • Brett Bretterson can't be "as cheesy" as Ned Nickerson when Brett isn't real even in the world of TGS.

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