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This page is a pseudo-directory whose subpages will all be for the purpose of the image summary cleanup project.

To clean up an image description page, make sure the page has:

  • "Summary" and "Licensing" headers
  • A descriptive summary
    • If it's a screenshot from a toon or game, it should have all relevant pages linked, and end with "(from [[sourcetoon]])"
  • All applicable image copyright tags (it must have at least one)
  • Applicable personal image tags under the "Summary" section (not "Licensing")
  • No colon after "Licensing" (the software added an extra colon in the licensing header on images uploaded between 31 May 2008 and 2 March 2009)
  • No unnecessary bolding

The following pages contain a list of all files on the wiki as of 1 March 2009. These files need to have their summaries checked and if necessary, changed to be descriptive and linked to the proper toon. Pay attention to make sure that the correct licensing template is used as well. Also, some files lack the proper "Summary" and "Licensing" headers. Once you have checked a series in the list, add templates as follows:

}}                            <!-- add this -->
{{ISC done|                   <!-- and this -->
}}                            <!-- this too -->
{{ISC todo|                   <!-- one more -->

This will turn change the word "File" from red to green in that series.

You can also add images that no longer seem useful to this page.

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