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"Yo, this lion's innards are looking... SO GOOD!"

Teen Girl Squad Issue 6 (also known as Decemberween Teen Girl Squad) is the sixth installment in the Teen Girl Squad series, released on July 12, 2004, as part of "Decemberween In July", a collection of Decemberween-themed shorts. Herein, the girls all partake in a secret Decemberween gift exchange, with the gifts all conveniently placed inside a lion. Three of the girls dive into its mouth in search of presents, while What's Her Face holds back on the grounds that she is a vegan. The lion's innards, bizarrely enough, resemble that of a whale. So and So gives Cheerleader a fashion gift card, while The Ugly One gives Cheerleader a half-digested gazelle carcass. Meanwhile, What's Her Face is attacked by a wave of babies. (more...) watch

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