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Population... TIIIRREEE!

Population: Tire is a game by Videlectrix in which the objective is to use the mouse cursor to keep the Tire bouncing in the air as long as possible. The score multiplier can be increased by hitting birds, balloons, Strong Sad and The Cheat. Obstacles include changing winds and flying Cold Ones. Once the tire hits the ground, the player loses all of their points. Population: Tire takes place in Strong Badia and the game's name is a reference to the fact that the tire is Strong Badia's sole "population", as noted on the Stop Sign and in the last line of the Strong Badia National Anthem. The game has a Viidelectrix version as well. Also of note is the DS homebrew version of this game created by HRWiki user Phlip and featured as a Weekly Fanstuff in 2007. play (more...)

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