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They miss video games. And their mom.

Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 is the fifth installment in the Teen Girl Squad series, released on Monday, March 1, 2004. Cheerleader, So and So and The Ugly One (but not What's Her Face, as they "forgot" to call her) are on Spring Break. They try to hang out with a group of college boys (or "olda boys", as Cheerleader calls them). The Ugly One is too scared to speak to them and buries her head in the sand instead. Cheerleader and So and So speak to them, Cheerleader insisting that they are in college, while So and So says that they're in 8th grade. While The Ugly One keeps her head buried, Henry Rollins, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington all approach and point at her, then go tandem parasailing with So and So. Near the end, they fly past What's Her Face watching Thomas skating a half-pipe. (more...) watch

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