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"Yes, I'm still out of town, Bubs."

Cardboard Marzipan is a cardboard cutout of Marzipan that was made and voiced by Homestar Runner while Marzipan was out of town. She closely resembles her Powered by The Cheat counterpart. Apparently, Cardboard Marzipan thinks Coach Z is disgusting and that Bubs is a "gorgeous hunk of man". She once asked The Cheat if he wanted to go on a secret hot date after his fireworks display in Happy Fireworks. Oftentimes Homestar, still speaking for her, would correct things that he himself had just said previously. For example, when he mistakenly called Independence Day "Fireworks", Cardboard Marzipan remarked that that wasn't the name of the holiday. Also, after denying that the real Marzipan was out of town for the summer, Cardboard Marzipan stated that she was. In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, she is used as Marzipan's stunt double. (more...)

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