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Checkin' SBEmails at the office

The Corpy NT6 is the computer used by Strong Bad when working in The Office. Apparently, Strong Bad uses it for third-quarter projection analysis spreadsheets, checking email, and talking to the people on his Buddy List. It gets a Flamboyant System Error in Biz Cas Fri 1, and explodes (thanks to Homestar's three-gig email attachment) in Biz Cas Fri 3. He salvages his Buddy List, which consists of Strong Mad and The Cheat, after the explosion by backing it up. Its name was first shown in from work, when Strong Bad tried to stealthily check an email on it, and is a play on the Compy 386 and possibly Windows NT. It was also seen in imaginary as a temporary computer Strong Bad used before he got the Compé. (more...)

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