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"Those loonies are gonna blow up the ocean!"

Silent Rip is a member of the Cheat Commandos. He is a stealth-type person whose main roles seem to be reconnaissance and sniping. In his own words, "[sneaking up on people] is what I do best." He has the Loud Noise Silencer (which appears to be an ordinary pillow). When he first appeared as an action figure, his jacket was brown and buttons gray-green, but have since been reversed. His name is a reference to flatulence. He features fairly prominently in Cheat Commandos Adventures, although his alleged talent for stealth has yet to be displayed. Appropriately, Rip tosses a smoke grenade during Commandos in the Classroom, a device that both encourages stealth and releases a cloud of gaseous material. As mentioned in 2-Part Episode: Part 1, his concern with acronyms led to his being let go from the Commandos by Flashfight, but was reinstated when Gunhaver proved of his importance to the team. (more...)

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