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Kristen Kristina So and So-erson

So and So is the "smart" member of the Teen Girl Squad. Of all the girls, only So and So's "real" name, Kristen, is revealed. It is only used in the first cartoon, and even then What's Her Face mistakenly refers to her as "Kristina". She usually can be found wearing a sweater and skirt, and has blonde hair styled in a flip. So and So is portrayed as the smartest of the Teen Girl Squad girls, but she lacks common sense, typifying the "booksmart" stereotype. Besides her academic aptitude, So and So also seems to be the Teen Girl most into shopping. Within the Squad, So and So acts with a degree of submissiveness, though her aggressive blandness keeps her happily adrift during the Squad's adventures. So and So generally defers to Cheerleader without question, although the death of Cheerleader in Teen Girl Squad Issue 9 revealed her hidden desire to not only reform the Squad but to over-achieve to her heart's content. (more...)

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