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Bad Guy Tattoo

Strong Bad is a Bad Guy is a short released on Monday, October 17, 2005. It is the first short to be made using Mario Paint since the early work Super NES, which is currently in the Museum. In the toon, Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat discuss ideas for tattoos they'd like to get. While Strong Mad says he'd have a "glowy box" for reasons he considers "personal", Strong Bad wants one with a rocket launcher and the words "BAD GUY". This leads to a montage showing Strong Bad involved in various "bad" actions, such as beating an exhaust pipe, giving the Double Deuce, and spray painting a poster of Marzipan. Throughout this montage, a song whose lyrics tell us that "Strong Bad is a bad guy" plays. After the montage is over, Homestar Runner arrives and begins discussing his tattoo ideas, all of which seem to be on his arm. (more...) watch

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