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"Hahaha! He fell on you!"

In japanese cartoon, the 57th Strong Bad Email, released on January 6, 2003, James F. asks Strong Bad what he would look like as a Japanese cartoon and what said cartoon would be about. Strong Bad answers by showing how his appearance would change: his body would be shiny all over, his head would be bean-shaped with big eyes, and he would have blue hair, among other changes. Strong Bad then shows some scenes of a possible cartoon featuring this anime version of Strong Bad, known as Stinkoman. In them, he flies through space in cool poses and interacts with anime versions of Homestar Runner and Pom Pom (the latter known as Pan Pan; the former was later named 1-Up) in a futuristic-looking world known as Planet K. Stinkoman and his cohorts would make several reappearances, establishing the 20X6 universe. (more...) watch

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