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"That's not what the holiday's called..."

Happy Fireworks is a holiday toon that was released on the Fourth of July of 2005. The entirety of the toon takes place at night in The Field, where Coach Z and Bubs are sitting in lawn chairs, waiting for a fireworks show to start. Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat are in charge of the show, but after seeing Strong Mad's homemade fireworks, they decide to go "straight to plan G." The toon debuts Cardboard Marzipan, a cardboard cut-out of Marzipan which Homestar Runner controls. It was in fact created while the voice of Marzipan, Missy Palmer, was out of town producing Craig Zobel's movie. Cardboard Marzipan would later make a reappearance in No Hands On Deck!. (more...) watch

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