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It's that time again. Since we can't legally sell any products or advertising space on the site, a fundraising drive is the only way for us to afford the cost of our dedicated server lease and bandwidth charges.


[edit] Why do we need funds?

Hosting costs on our dedicated server are approximately US$940 per quarter, but FellowSites has been bringing in around $285 of that (see "How else may I help?" below for information about FellowSites), so we need to bring in $655 in donations every three months to stay afloat. A detailed statement of our current financial situation is available at our ledger.

[edit] The request

If you use the site often, US$10 is a small amount to ask for six months. If you are a power user (you know who you are), US$20 is still quite a reasonable amount.

[edit] How can I donate?

The most convenient means of donating to the Wiki is through PayPal — it can be handled quickly online for only a small handling surcharge. Click on the link corresponding to your local currency from the list below.

PayPal_donate_US.pngUnited States Dollars
PayPal_donate_EU.pngEuropean Union Euros
PayPal_donate_UK.pngBritish Pounds
PayPal_donate_Canada.pngCanadian Dollars
PayPal_donate_Japan.pngJapanese Yen
PayPal_donate_Australia.pngAustralian Dollars

Donating via PayPal will deduct a surcharge of 2.9% plus US$0.30 from the total amount transferred. Please take this into account when you send your donations (After surcharges, $10.61 = $10.00; $20.91 = $20.00, and $51.80 = $50.00).

[edit] How else may I help?

To recoup some of our server cost, we also offer a website hosting service on our server called FellowSites. If you're currently paying to host a site, we would encourage you to switch to our service. You'll be supporting the wiki and we might even be able to save you some money. To find out more about FellowSites, check out the website or contact us.

Of course, you are under no obligation to donate or host a website with us. Please feel free to continue using the site even if you're unable to help out financially. Just being a member of the wiki and supplying content or helping to clean up articles is more than enough contribution in itself.

To those who donate and to those who contribute to our community in other ways, we are grateful for your support.


AgentSeethroo, InterruptorJones, It's dot com, JoeyDay, Stu, and Tom
The Homestar Runner Wiki Administration Team

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