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These are the visuals for the toon, Crystal Fortress.

Lyrics Visuals
DAVEY: Mmm. French fries.
OTHER GUY: Mmm. Yeah, they're good. Gee, Davey,
Two Powered by the Cheat style hand puppets, against a blue polka dotted background. "Other guy" is screen left, and has orange hair, french fries in his mouth, taupe skin, and a blue shirt with crudely drawn box of french fries on it. "Davey" is screen right, wearing a beanie cap with propellor, a round face, and a red shirt with a lower-case "d" on it. He is holding a box of french fries in his left hand, and french fries are visible in his mouth when he speaks. An overlay appears:
They Might Be Giants w/ Strong Bad
"Crystal Fortress"
Dir: Haddi-man and The Cheat
Strong Bad always seems so hostile. I bet he doesn't even know how much everybody loves him.
DAVEY: Nope, nope. I don't think so either.
DAVEY: I've written a song I think'll make Strong Bad understand.
The overlay disappears.
DAVEY: I'm gonna sing it. A grey triangular curly wig appears on Davey's head, followed by a mustache and a crudely drawn guitar.
STAVE: Uh-huh.
STRONG BAD: {spoken} I already don't like the sound of this one. Ohh, vomit-inducing! My favorite!
Shift to a purple background, with Stave It Off Guy, the folk singer from for kids, playing the guitar, gradually moving from screen right to center.
STAVE: Come down from your crystal fortress, oh Strong Bad,
Cut to a closer view. Stave lifts his head up to sing.
STAVE: A unicorn awaits at a rainbow bridge, Stave is in the lower left corner of the screen. A rainbow moves towards the center of the screen. A simply drawn pink unicorn with a purple mane in flat colors enters from screen right.
STRONG BAD: Unicorns?! Wh-who are you? A unicorn horn emerges from Stave's head.
STAVE: Her head is bowed Tight shot of the pink unicorn, with stars for eyes against a light green background and lighter flowers.
and a tiny tear Unicorn closes her eyes with a giant blue tear that slowly falls.
traces these words in the dew.
STRONG BAD: All right, you whiny weasels.
The blue tear remains where it was to be shown against a green background with a faint grass with dew pattern. The tear starts move around the screen.
STAVE: Please come down from your crystal fortress
The tear disappears and words that Stave sings fades into view.
STAVE: Please come down from your Medium shot of Stave against a green background, with different shades of green flowers in the background.
crystal fortress,
STRONG BAD: {singing} Shut up.
BACKUP SINGER: {simultaneously} Strong Bad
STAVE: Please come down from your crystal fortress.
Flat colored multiethnic children's heads (from for kids) pop onto the screen, and then rock to the beat.
STRONG BAD: {screaming} Throw me a squeedley guitar! Stave and kids stop and look screen right.
Let me tell ya, Screen turns to black with pixelated lightening. Then Strong Bad riding a draconic unicorn with a faded rainbow in the background fades into view.
you get french fries, Davey against the blue background pops in.
and you get french fries, Other Guy pops in. His french fry symbol on his shirt pops on late.
but you don't get Stave against a purple background playing guitar.
french fries, Stave's body disappears, leaving his clothes, left arm, and guitar. Punctuation appears around him: quotation marks at the top, semicolon at the bottom, question mark screen right, exclamation point screen left.
STRONG BAD: That's right! You get french fries, and you get french fries,
BACKUP SINGER: You don't get french friiies.
Davey's face is on a crudely drawn figure that is dressed as Brunhild with a spotlight coming from screen right. The silhouette of Strong Bad on the draconic unicorn can be seen moving in the background.
STRONG BAD: but you don't get no french fries,
BACKUP SINGER: You get french friiiiies.
Davey opens his eyes to reveal exaggerated, feminine eyes with purple eyeshadow.
OTHER GUY: They Might be Giiiants, Cut to a shot of pixelated lightening against a black background. A mountain rises into view.
STRONG BAD: You get the french fries, and you get the french fries, but you don't get french fries!
BACKUP SINGER: gets no french friiies! Yeeah-ah yeah-ah yeah ah!
After a flash of yellow, a purple, muscular Strong Bad rises at the top of the mountain. He first punches to screen left and the punches screen right, and then leans towards the viewer, each movement accompanied by little french fry boxes flying off. At the end, Stave in the Brunnhilde costume rises from the bottom screen right.
A close up of the head of the draconic unicorn is seen and then is quickly replaced a picture of Stave repainted Powered by The Cheat style as a heavy metal guitarist, with a blue face, spikey shoulder pads, an axe shaped guitar, skulls on the knees, and leather boots.
A quick shot of Strong Bad on the mountain again punching to screen left.
STAVE: Unchain your trembling hopes and dreams, oh Strong Bad,
STRONG BAD: Awwwwwwww!
Cut back to medium shot of Stave singing and playing guitar against the purple background.
STRONG BAD: I thought you were done. A close-up of Stave playing the guitar.
STAVE: The love you deny is they key that will melt the lock, A slow pan following the pink unicorn against a background of green mountains and a purple sky. A heart-shaped key is revealed at the end.
STRONG BAD: I'll melt your face! A flat colored Strong Bad, this time in the style of the kids earlier (with ears) is seen against the green with flowers background.
STAVE: Our golden shining spirits,
STAVE: will all join hands
A close up Stave singing, this time with face slowly melting.
and sing. A unicorn horn emerges from the top of Stave's head.
STAVE: Please come down from your crystal fortress
A diagonal line of 5 pink unicorns, facing screen left, are seen prancing on a light green background with multicolored flowers spinning.
STRONG BAD: No. Strong Bad "kids" head appears in the top right corner.
STAVE: Please come down from your crystal fortress
The unicorns now face screen right, and Strong Bad's draconic unicorn is added to the back.
STRONG BAD: I'm not coming down from no place.
STAVE: Please come down from
Strong Bad's "kids" head appears in the lower left corner. The unicorns switch directions a couple times.
STAVE: your crystal fortress
OTHER GUY: Strong Bad.
STAVE: Strong Bad.
Medium shot of Stave singing, this time in front of the mountain background. Two kids heads appear in the top corners.
STRONG BAD: Shut up... Strong Bad's "kids" head replaces Stave's.
you stupid hippie. A quick shot of Davey's foot keeping time against the purple background, followed by a close-up Stave playing the guitar.
STRONG BAD: {spoken} I'm-a gonna throw a brick at your cellist. Strong Bad's "kids" head now has a unicorn horn, against the multicolored flower background. A brick moves in front of his face.
{A crash is heard, with the sound of a piano being broken} Black background, a Powered by The Cheat fry box. The F is turned into the E for "End".
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