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These are the visuals that occur during candy product.

[edit] Transcript

Lyrics Visuals
You got the munch. Fade in to a close-up of Strong Bad's feet and pants as he walks down a road towards the camera. The words "copyright 2006 Cheap as Free Foodstuffs" appear in the bottom-right corner for the first few seconds.
The crisp and the crunch.Cut to the same scene, except now focusing on the right of Strong Bad's upper body. You can see that he is holding a SBLOUNSKCHED! candy bar. As the words "Crisp" and "Crunch" are spoken, they appear on the left.
Livin' in the gutter withThe camera cuts to full shot of Strong Bad walking. You can see that he is going along an odd-looking hill.
Grandma...Cut to an alley, where Senor Cardgage is sleeping in a sleeping bag and using his Aldi bag as a pillow. Strong Bad's silhouette is seen walking past the edge of the street.
When Coach puts you in,—Cut to the Athletic Field, where Strong Bad is in the foreground watching Coach Z struggle with a basketball over his head. On the scoreboard, CGNU has "0" points and TECH has "R".
you gotta go for the win.Strong Bad turns to face the camera, holds a SBLOUNSKCHED! candy bar up to the camera and smiles.
Y2K turned out all riiiight!

Cut to Strong Bad facing the Tandy 400. The following is displayed on the Tandy's screen:

When "all right" is sung, Strong Bad turns to face the camera and holds up the candy bar again. He also winks and gives a "thumbs-up" sign with his other hand.

SBLOUNSKCHED!Cut to a blue background with the word "SBLOUNSKCHED" written repeated in the background. The candy bar's logo pops onscreen.
You can do it!Strong Bad is facing the camera. Behind him is an angry Marzipan with her painting tools, her canvas broken over her head. Strong Bad raises the candy bar to the camera again, and Marzipan smiles.
SBLOUNSKCHED!Cut back to the blue background. The logo pops onscreen again.
Crunchy chew it!Cut to Strong Bad in his basement. Strong Sad's lower body is seen hanging halfway out of the ceiling, struggling. Debris is visible on the floor beneath him. Strong Bad holds the candy bar up again and the hanging Strong Sad gives a "thumbs-up" sign.
Who's got the money?!?Cut back to Strong Bad standing on the green hill, this time with the path gone. The camera circles around Strong Bad as the sung line appears onscreen and then fades away.
You got...Strong Bad bends his knees, preparing to jump.
SBLOUNSKCHED!Strong Bad jumps up and freezes in midair as the background changes back to blue, with the logo beneath him. As the TV announcer speaks, two SBLOUNSKCHED bars appear on the left in their wrappers, one after the other. A yellow oval with the message "Dentist Acknowledged" appears on the right.
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