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"Smell all that culture and education!"

The Bechieve to Alieve Foundation, commonly known as this drawer, is a center for cultural advancement. Established in 1994, it serves as a prime location for student field trips, road trips, and head trips. It is entirely contained within an orange drawer. A monochrome photo of a 1950s-like brick building in a wooden frame sits on top of it.

Inside the drawer, Homestar Runner keeps his brellow crayon, which he uses to draw pictures of buttered toast, not quite hornets, and the sun with an afro. He also keeps his collection of "old Homestars" he used to wear; a puffy star named "Roundy" from his days as the Popcorn Lumper, a jewel-encrusted gold star from his brief stint as supreme emperor of Marzipan's Rhinestone Jazzler, and an old "cultural" star with Sloppy Joseph stains. Lastly, there is a photograph of Homestar and Marzipan on the beach during another couple's honeymoon (perhaps from Canada or Cancunada). An oil filter coupon is taped over the photo. A paper clip is also seen in the drawer, although it is not commented on.

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