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"Am I doing this right?!"

BASIC is an early high-level programming language that became popular for home computers in the 80s. The original Dartmouth BASIC spawned several different dialects of the language. Occasionally, The Brothers Chaps create an infinite loop in BASIC that constantly fills the screen with the same line of text. The BASIC code is simple:

Giving each line of code its own number (which is required in certain dialects), an instruction to print a line of text is performed, and then the next instruction points back to that. Until the program is interrupted or terminated, the program constantly prints that text.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email 2 emails — In a segment where the email is being fast forwarded, Strong Bad runs the infinite loop on the Compy 386, set to print "STRONG BAD IS COOL!" repeatedly.
  • Workin' on The Game — The still image shown during the entire cartoon shows the Apple IIe running with the infinite loop code in Applesoft BASIC on its screen. The text would read "STRONG BAD'S COOL GAME FOR ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE".
  • Store — The October 2008 shirt of the month was of the Bad Graphics Ghost with the infinite loop meant to repeat the text "Boo!"
  • @StrongBadActual — September 26, 2014 — Strong Bad prints out an infinite loop that will print "TWITTER". Strong Bad wants to know if he's doing this right. Later that day, he printed out the result of the infinite loop, believing that it worked.
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