Awkward Social Sun

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Awkward Social Sun
Dealing with nearly every awkward social situation under the awkward social sun.
Origins Unknown
Genre(s) (unknown, possibly emo)
Members Unknown
Discography Unknown
Producer Unknown
Label Unknown

Awkward Social Sun is a band seen in an Easter egg in the Strong Bad Email underlings. In the email, Strong Bad explains to the email sender that he's had to "deal with every awkward social situation under the awkward social sun". Clicking the phrase will cause the CD to pop up.

The band has at least one self-titled album to their name. The background of the CD cover is red, with the band name written in blue in the font Bauhaus 93. The name is also written on the side of the CD in white, in the same font. Underneath the title is a yellow sun with lines around it. The sun has shiny black hair drooping over one eye and a frowning expression.

The band name resembles Broken Social Scene.

It is unknown if this band is real within the Homestar Runner universe. It is likely a parody of the emo subculture.

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