The Cheat's Smoking Challenge

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New, High-Graphic Smoking The Cheat!

The Cheat's Smoking Challenge is a game only available by clicking the O in Strong Bad's Message Bored.

In this game, you must help The Cheat kick the habit! Use the arrow keys to help The Cheat pick up pieces of nicotine gum. You earn 50 points for each piece of gum collected.


[edit] Description

Help the Cheat quit smoking! Use the arrow keys to collect the pieces of nicotine gum before they disappear!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The game gives you messages when you lose all your chances:
    • 0-850: You didn't do very well! The Cheat is STILL smoking!
    • 900-1550: Not bad! Now The Cheat uses one of those nicotine inhalers!
    • 1600+:Way To Go! Now The Cheat just drinks TONS of coffee!
  • The first piece of gum never disappears.

[edit] Fixed Glitches

  • It was possible to change the score by typing in any number. When changed, the game would append 50 points on the end. For example, if 1 was typed, the game would give 150 points; a 2 would give 250 points, etc.
  • One could also type in the number of chances, using the tab key to highlight "chances" and typing in however many were wanted.
  • Before, if one was to disable play, The Cheat would stay motionless and not move even if the player used the arrow keys.

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