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Addicting Games

The site used to feature Stinkoman 20X6 and TROGDOR!.

History of the Internet

The "archivists" make a reference to H*R, saying that because of them, "The internet is finally given purpose".

History of the Internet


Neopets released a new avatar with the caption "Your Lupe A Splode" which is an obvious reference to video games and Strong Bad Zone yourlupeasplode.gif

Olde English

In their General Procrastination sketch, Razin was holding off going to battle by going on the internet and watching the new Strong Bad Email. (which really wasn't even an email, he opened up the Strong Bad bio 'toon and the email menu.)

The 404 message that comes up when the G4 site can't retrieve an ad includes a graphic featuring a panda - and the Teen Girl Squad-esque message "ERROR'ed!!"

"Audition With Marzipan" Remix

The Thilo run The 2nd Best Page In The Universe made a remix of "Thoughts Of A Bird" from the Audition With Marzipan game. A download of the remix is available here And the article about it Here

"Asplode" on Double-Tongued Word Wrester

Neolinguist Grant Barret has done an entry on "asplode" on his site. It looks like "asplode" was not coined by the Brothers Chaps, but he agrees that its appearance in the toons and games is probably responsible for its recent popularity.

All Your Base Are Belong To Homestar

An "All Your Base" parody starring Homestar can be seen here

Weebl & Bob

  • A fan made a piece of art with Trogdor burninating Bobs' style of animation

See It Here

  • On Weebl's site, one of the post names was called "A little something-something".

Bryan Waterman Interview

Bryan Waterman, who does the series "Waterman" had an interview and he mentioned the best internet cartoon was Homestar Runner!:

  • Who is your favorite flash movie artist or flash artists if you have more than one? What are some of your favorite flash movie series?

BW: Above all else Homestar Runner not only do I love the cartoon, Mike and Matt are two good friends of mine. Bonus Stage is another one I really like and I do look forward to Joseph's animations. See It Here

Waterman Studios Main Page

On The Main Page When you put your mouse over Behind the Scenes, A guy catches a toaster and out flies a bunch of syringes and it says, "Syringe'd!"

Eric Conveys The Brothers Chaps?

Eric at Eric Conveys an Emotion got together with The Brothers Chaps for a rough and tumble game of football, complete with Eric's warped and hilarious sense of humour. See a step-by-step progression of The Game. On page 1 Trogdor is in the background, on page 2 The Ugly One is in the background, on page 3 1936 Homestar is in the background, on page 4 Homestar is in the background, on page 5 Strongbad is in the background, on page 6, The Cheat is actually in the foreground, on page 7, The Cheat and Strong Mad are in the background, and on page 8, Stinkoman is in the background.

  • Also, in "getting a great idea... while falling to your doom" Eric has a Homsar shirt on. greatideafalldoom.jpg

Red vs Blue

At Red vs Blue they made a public service announcement about tattoos (It appears every 4 weeks or so in the season 1 archive). When Church suggests you get a tattoo of your favorite character from your favorite online comic (obviously referring to himself), Strong Bad's face appears on-screen instead.

A Strong Bad, and a Homestar sticker is also seen during the Red vs. Blue segment in the Halo 2 Limited Collectors Edition DVD, on the window of a door.

Live Action Dangeresque!

Some guys at made this awesome parody of Strong Bad's big-time blockbuster. Complete with orchestrated music!

The 2004 Cartoonist's Choice Awards

Homestar Runner won in best use of flash category at "The 2004 Cartoonist's Choice Awards".

BB-Spot-Which website are you?

In the website personality test at, one of the posible answers you can get is

If you search for Homestar on New Grounds, there will be a bunch of fan made Homestar flash games and short films. Sadly, one of these is a "Kill Homestar Game", which could get the site in trouble...


This blog entry links to a Fark Photoshop thread which featured several Homestar Runner-related parodies of Magic: The Gathering cards, with local copies of the now-defunct images from the thread.

Google Blog

Google Blog mentioned the Homestarism 'Asplode' in this entry.

Shoot the Cliche

A certain infamous burninator "Trogdor" appears in this game from another site. Blast Away!

Your phone a splode

The website linked to a Yahoo News story about exploding cell phones under the headline "Your phone a splode."

File:headline on fark.png

Also, Fark linked to [1]

NPR's All Things Considered

NPR has a basic rundown of the H*R site and characters on this page, run on the air as part of their All Things Considered program on May 8, 2005.

8-Bit Theater Reference

In 8 Bit Theater 3, In the bloopers, The Cheat is "summoned" in one, and Strong Bad appears on a Mega Man II Boss Screen in another.

8-Bit-Theater on

In one of the 2005 e3 strips, the one of the characters wears a strong bad mask to fool a shady vendor, see it here: 8-Bit-Theater

Episode Comparisons

The anime episode comparison site Mew Mew Power Uncensored sometimes uses the term Baleeted and frequently uses the Teen Girl Squad-esque term DELET'D in their comparisons to say when a scene was cut out.

The Humor

At a Star Wars Fansite's humor section one of their "Top 46 lists" titled 'Top 47 lesser known goals of the evil empire' says Quote "Secret co-production of Dangeresque 1, 2, & 3" End Quote. The List The Site

A Homestar Runner wall-size printout demonstrating's Rasterbator software (Web service)

Star Harbor Nights

The authors of these stories are apparently fans... their characters have started making Homestar and Strong Bad references in conversation, including the use of the word "Decemberween" in one story and a reference to Strong Bad singing from A Holiday Greeting.

Gamecheetz Comics

A comic featuring the characters of Super Smash Brothers Melee. As Link is returning to Final Destination, the "Scene Missing" image from Parsnips-A-Plenty appears. It even says "If you don't recognize this then you need to visit" The comic can be seen here:

Best Page In The Universe

In one of Maddox's rants about the amount of emails he gets, he makes a little ode to The Chapman Brothers. This must mean he is aware of The actual quote is "I know there are other big websites out there that generate a lot of email (my sympathies to the Chapman brothers)"

Real Ultimate Power parody site: TROGDOR

Parodies of Real Ultimate Power are everywhere. A fan made one featuring TROGDOR.

Strongbad Pilots an F/A-22 Raptor

For a short time, Strongbad could be seen on the Lockheed Martin F/A-22 Raptor Team Web Site F/A-22 Raptor.

The Straight Dope

The Strong Bad Zone was submitted for Weird Earl's on The Straight Dope, a category featuring strange and/or awesome sites. Be careful, or your head may a-splode!

Futurama Madhouse

At the Futurama Madhouse, they have a regular feature on "Uses for a hacker". Use #498 is entitled "homsar's translator" and features everyone's favourite blue midget Homestar, Homsar! Also notable is the fact that the copyright reads "C Tandy 400, Chapman Bros". Use #667 is entitled "Homestar Runner's Evil Twin", and features, just that. Use #669 "Strongbad's Torture Victims Who Misspell Repeetedli" is the final Homestar-related use for a hacker.

Flying Omelette's Kitchen - Switched At Birth?

According to this site, Strong Bad may have been switched at birth with Viewtiful Joe, as well as the Red Power Ranger. A direct link to the article is available here.

Shenmue II : The Gang Edition

In the fan-movie Shenmue II : The Gang Edition, when Ryo arrives at Guilin, he is distracted by a The Cheat Talking Plush Doll, which is the guardian of the village where Shenhua lives.
Later, Ryo kicks the Plush Doll, making it complain.

I-Mockery : Bishop of Battle

On the second page of his review, the image of the Bishop swallowing J.J. is captioned with a reference to StrongBad Zone, "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!" A direct link to the page is available here. Contains profanity.

Stinkoman 20X6 on have done a remix of most of the Stinkoman 20X6 soundtrack. The links can be found here: Level Select, Level Start, Level 1, Boss Theme, and Level 2. These files were sequenced by Tyler Prevost.

Wikipedia's April Fool's Day Article 2005

Homestar in his Daisy Dukes was eventually added to the somewhat lengthy Wikipedia April Fool's Day 2005 article detailing a hostile takeover of Wikipedia by Encyclopedia Britannica. He is part of Wikipedia's "new corporate structure," a Communist entity, as the Minister of Long Pants. He is also pictured slightly lower in the page in the "Related information" section.

The Matrix Online FAQ on

In this FAQ, the author notes that "ya gotta have blue hair!"

In this article about how to literally burn CDs, the author notes to "burn it properly like Trogdor burninates the peasants."


In the first episode of this flash webcomic, when you first see the computer, the screen reads "run sb_email.exe," an obvious reference to the opening of all SB E-mails.

In the filler episode, the computer is "Compy 387".

Funny Junk

In a flash cartoon here(warning: adult material), Strong Bad is dancing in the middle of the screen at about the middle of the flash cartoon. He dances like he does in The Luau.
This can also be seen on Albino Black Sheep Cartoons.

High Score

At the beginning of Episode 4 for High Score (an internet flash cartoon) - episode entitled Super Phil, it features the characters of the episode, which also includes What's Her Face from Strong Bad's animated comic, Teen Girl Squad.

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