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The Brothers Chaps occasionally take breaks from producing Homestar Runner content, sometimes to attend to family or to work on other projects, or for other reasons. During these hiatus periods site updates are either absent or are much less frequent than normal.

September 2008 to June 2009

Following the release of email thunder on September 23rd, Strong Bad emails stopped coming out at its original pace. After the release of strongbad_email.exe Disc Six came out, it was revealed in the commentary that the Brother Chaps decided to stop doing Strong Bad emails. However, this decision was temporary, as on May 14, it was revealed that the Brother Chaps was taking a break to expand their output, as they felt 200 was a nice round number to take a break. Sure enough, on June 30, the 201st Strong Bad email, hremail3184 was released following a nine-month hiatus. Strong Bad emails then started being released on a monthly basis, until October.

December 2009 to present

On Tuesday, December 1, 2009, Matt Chapman made the following announcement on the Feedburner page:

You loyal RSS subscriber-types get the inside scoop: A new very, very little girl has been birthed unto the Chaps family so please be patient with updates as we head into the year's end. ... Thanks for your patience and high five!

Since that time, site updates have consisted of the the annual April Fools' gag and a Xeriously Forxe-themed main page. The brothers also released exclusively to HRWiki some rough draft scripts for Sbemail 136 and the previously unreleased Soap Box Doiby toon.

Emails received by the HRWiki's administrators from Matt and Mike Chapman have made assurances that Homestar Runner is not finished. During the hiatus, Matt is working with Craig Zobel on Ron Planet and on an animated movie entitled Monster Safari with the Jim Henson Company. The brothers are also working with Telltale Games on Poker Night at the Inventory, a video game slated to have more dialogue in it than an average Sam & Max episode.

Records Set

  • Least amount of toons in a year at two.
  • Fewest Weekies updates at zero.
  • Ties for fewest big toons, at zero.
  • Ties for most April Fools Day toons.
  • Longest time between updates, at four months, plus the current hiatus exceding six.

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