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<center>''For the awards I have gotten, go [[User:Slipstream/awards|here]]!''</center>
<center>''For the awards I have gotten, go [[User:Slipstream/awards|here]]!''</center>
<center>''Chapman sandboxes are [[here|User:Slipstream/Matt Chapman sandbox]] and [[here|User:Slipstream/Mike Chapman sandbox]]''
<center>''Chapman sandboxes are [[User:Slipstream/Matt Chapman sandbox|here]] and [[User:Slipstream/Mike Chapman sandbox|here]]''
<div style="background-color:#579ecf; font-size:150%; color:#fff; margin:10px; border:none; text-align:center;">
<div style="background-color:#579ecf; font-size:150%; color:#fff; margin:10px; border:none; text-align:center;">

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Image:Warning.png I'm slippin', I'm slidin', I'm altogether glidin', watch me move!!

For the awards I have gotten, go here!
Chapman sandboxes are here and here

About Me

So it's an about me section. Well, I can play at that game, although it is a rather pointless, childish game, since we're here for the Homestar, and not me in Melbourne, although, if I can help it, this will change! I am a something year old in Melbourne, Australia. My name is Ashley. I enjoy making web templates and other stuff in Photoshop. If you want to see my work go here. My portfolio site is in a perpetual state of being Under Construction, so you may have to wait many a winter to see it. And remember, keep on watching the skies, or Homestar, whichever is better for you!

My Interests

  • Web Design (but only design, no coding)
  • Gaming (I have an Xbox and Gamecube)
  • Forums (Mainly on Frihost)
  • Comics, Anime and other Geeky Stuff
  • Ending everything with brackets (Try and Stop Me)

My Favourite Games

Favourite Bands/Artists

My Favourite TV Shows

Note: I don't watch much TV, so I don't have very many favourite TV shows.

Obligatory Explanation of my Homestar Discovery

The Discovery

I found Homestar through my friend Milton in September 2006, my first watched toon was Interview, my first watched sbemail was flag day, and the toon I first watched was the interview. I didn't watch First Time Here?

At first I didn't really like all, I thought it was cheesy and lame, like so many other people did with their first taste of Homestar, but eventually, I was bored, and I came back to the site, and I watched all the shorts, n' stuff, and I began to enjoy it.


I knew about HRWiki all the time I knew about Homestar, but I never went there, until I noticed some inside jokes, and then came to see if they had been documented, of course they had been. I then used HRWiki only for notification of new stuff, which quite naturally, it did very well.

Not to long later, I noticed a new sbmail had been added, it was underlings. I got excited. I added all the locations to the filmographies they belonged in. I recieved a little thanks from Trey56 and DorianGray. I was set for! Just an average HR fan had actually helped the mighty and famous Wiki! For the next couple of emails, I spent my time adding to filmographies, but it wasn't long until I wanted more. I began searching for pages needing creation, and after a while, I found that there was no page for children. I created it. I also uploaded a picture for it. It felt great. And I just signed on to the Recent Changes Patrol.

Stuff I Did

I have done a few things in this fine Wiki of ours, among them are these Feats of Wonder.

  • Created Original Bubs but I only put an image on it, the real credit belongs to the people who put the info on.
  • Created Trogdor Poster and put up the image that was on the main page.
  • Created sloshy, got starting info.
  • Uploaded the main page screen for mini-golf and put on the cast, time, summary and all that jazz.
  • Created Chocolate, and got a picture, as well as put about six appearances on it.
  • Redirected all the the themes of all Main Pages to the proper page. Example Space Main Page.
  • Created Template: Conjectural Title, with the community cleanup code.
  • Uploaded the main page screen of Quality Time, which was then fixed up by DorianGrey, added the easter egg for it too.
  • Put the starting info into Cardboard Homestar.
  • Created Children and got a screenshot.
Image:Marzi Living Room.png

But What The Heck Do You Do Here Now?

Do? Oh right! I like to patrol Recent Changes, and fix minor spelling errors, I jump at the idea of helping out when a new email or whatever comes out, since there is always work to do, I like voting in STUFF and I get a kick out of seeing new ones come out, just so I get to make up my mind. I make tons of redirects, in fact, every time I search and don't reach my page, I make one, sometimes I search stuff I know probably won't come up just so I can make it. I crop black out of screenshots, you guys really need to be more careful removing it. I try to help new pages along, with screenshots and the like. Also, debating on unimportant subjects relating to dumb animal characters is always fun. Yeah, I need to be less of a HRWiki addict.

Thanks For Reading-ing

Yours Awexomely --~ SlipStream

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