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The Sign doin' what it does best

The Stop Sign proclaims the population of Strong Badia to all who look at it. It is currently held up by the Cinder Block, but according to the Strong Bad Email 2 years, the two would go their separate ways by September 2005. So far, this has not come to pass.

As revealed in the Strong Bad Email monument, a grand statue of Strong Bad was to be constructed with the Stop Sign and Cinder Block as part of the right foot. In the email, Strong Bad says, "It's got all the rightness of a foot, without all the footdom of a right." The left foot would be represented by a cinder block holding up some other sign reading "NO WAY!".

As noted in the SBCG4AP episode Baddest of the Bands, "Pop: Tire" also resembles "popped tire". However, Strong Bad was oblivious of this when he wrote it, it seems, and says that "it is pretty funny."

Stoppy the Sign is one of the Mount RidesPlace USA Mascots.

Current Population: Tire

Predicted Population in September of 2005: Tire, a Bundt Cake Pan, and Coach Z

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