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Powered by The Cheat, for The Cheat

The Cheat and his trusty computer, Tangerine Dreams, have been creating "Powered by The Cheat" Macromedia Flash cartoons since 2002. The Cheat's toons, which are a parody of the many poorly drawn Flash cartoons on the web, are usually packed with bad animation and character depictions, poor imitations of the character's voices (provided by Mike Chapman), and nonexistent plots.

It is never explained how The Cheat manages to imitate the other characters speaking English (in all regular toons, The Cheat speaks in his own native "The Cheat" language). He always incorporates himself into his cartoons, sometimes in a Hitchcock-style cameo, but usually making himself appear awesome or receive some sort of prize. The Cheat has won three prizes for these cartoons in "real" life, including an iron cup full of Brunswick Stew, a pizza for his "Everybody To The Limit" music video and the fabled "Pizza Trophy."

These animations show hints of The Cheat's fantasies and possibly insecure personality. The Strong Bad Email "mile", which The Cheat guest authored, is an ideal example of what he most desires yet cannot possibly possess. The Cheat shamelessly elevates his status in the eyes of others through praise given by his boss Strong Bad while Marzipan finally gives him the attention and affection he has been craving. However the two rarely exchange words outside of a fabricated Flash universe.

The Cheat has also provided animation for other Free Country, USA artists. He has also collaborated with the likes of The Skate Party, They Might Be Giants and many more.

Powered by The Cheat Stuff

"The Cheat is a millionaire!"

Somewhat Powered by The Cheat Stuff

The credits squeeze from theme song

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