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== Appearances ==
== Appearances ==
*'''Debut:''' [[Parsnips-a-Plenty]]
*'''Debut:''' [[Parsnips A-Plenty]]
*[[Main Page 6]]
*[[Main Page 6]]
*[[Where the Crap Are We?]]
*[[Where the Crap Are We?]]

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Hell is the place where the wicked are sent after death; more specifically, where Old-Timey Strong Bad went after falling off the cliff in Parsnips-a-Plenty. The Demon and The Kaiser can also be found in this Old-Timey version of the underworld. Apparently, though, this version of Hell is not eternal, since Old-Timey Strong Bad is back again in That A Ghost. This could also be a continuity error.

In Where the Crap Are We?, Homestar Runner suggests that he and Strong Bad are in Heaven. Strong Bad posits that they are not, implying that they are (or at least he is) in Hell.

A glimpse of Hell can also be seen on Main Page 6.

A level in Kid Speedy, Demon's Rub Marathon, the background is most likely hell.



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