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Finest Mongolian Aftershave Lotion

There have been a handful of unusual mentions or uses of gasoline in the Homestar Runner universe.

[edit] Appearances

  • Theme Song VideoStrong Bad and Strong Mad write "Homestar Stinks" in the grass using gasoline.
  • Email caffeine — Strong Bad's science fair project was going to be "The effects of gasoline on fire". This project is shown in an Easter egg.
  • Happy Fireworks — Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat have a can of "The Gas" while they are trying to prepare their fireworks show.
  • Email — Strong Bad douses himself in gasoline, supposedly believing it to be "Finest Mongolian Aftershave Lotion".
  • Email pizza jointThe King of Town carries a can of "The Gas" along with lighter fluid, charcoal, and a lighter toward the grill while Strong Bad, The Cheat, and several college girls are in The Cheat's pizza restaurant.
  • Email web comics — Strong Bad's email song goes, "Strong Bad email goes down smooth and clean, like gasoline."
  • Email your edge — One of the items Strong Bad and The Cheat plan to use for a shenanigan is a plastic tank of gasoline. Later, Strong Bad proposes that they drink it.
  • Where U Goin 2? — The Cheat uses gasoline to start a mattress fire.

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