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Character: Bubs
watch Bubs's character video Coach Z The King of Town
"...or my name ain't Bubs Concession Stand!"
He doesn't look half bad!



Bubs (full name: Bubs Concession Stand, as he claims in Senorial Day) is the all around fix-it man. Running his own concession stand, Bubs is a sharp salesman who will sell almost anything. He also owns a bologna sandwich truck, which he drove down to the beach in Weclome Back. However, he only sold "exactly zero bologna sandwhiches" during his "best year ever." It's likely that not all of his dealings are exactly legal, considering his reaction to a practical joke from Strong Bad in lackey, and trying to dispose of items marked EXHIBIT A and EXHIBIT B (a presumably-human pancreas which he tried to sell to Homestar Runner) in Bug In Mouth Disease. He seems to dislike Strong Bad for not paying a debt to him, and threatened to turn him over to a "cut off your toes" style collection agency in other days. He also dances and attends night courses at Disco Tech. His facial configuration is puzzling; in Pumpkin Carve-nival, he appears to have a safety pin stuck through his face above an internal ear. In his spare time he has boring conversations with Coach Z and reads back issues of Motor Trend magazine. Bubs resells internet access, although he rips off his sole subscriber, Strong Bad, in 99 different ways.

Apparently, Coach Z got on Bubs' bad side near Thanksgiving in 2005, and to get even Bubs made a "Coach Z, you jerk!" float for the Fall Float Parade. (Coach Z retaliated by saying "Serves him right, then" when Strong Mad stole his concession stand and marched with it in the parade.) In narrator, it was shown that they had patched things up and were once again having boring conversations.

In Strong Bad's record book, he himself won "Cutest couple".

Character Video Transcript

{Page Title: Bargain Basement Prices!!} {Place: Bubs' Concession Stand}

BUBS: Hey there, every peoples! I'm Bubs. I run the concession stand around the way here. I'm a self-made man, I am, I am. I sell hot dogs, chili dogs, slaw dogs, ketchup dogs and mustard dogs. I got drinks, drinks, drinks, candy and snow cones. I can fix everything what needs fixing. Like cars... TVs... marriages. Ooh! I can dance, too. Shake it once! Shake it twice, a-gimme little bit o' sugar spice! I guess the word that best describes me is: personality. Umm... because I have a good personality. Okay. I gotta get back to work. Come on by! We're always awesome! {leaves, then reappears in his Concession Stand in the background}

Fun Facts

  • Bubs is based on a person The Brothers Chaps knew growing up who worked at a concession stand locally and spoke with the same gravelly voice.
    • Matt has also admitted in interviews that Bubs' voice was heavily borrowed from the voice of Redd Foxx (of Sanford and Son fame).
  • Bubs says he used to be able to "fly" until he said "sbu," which cancelled his abilities, in the Strong Bad Email lunch special. However, Bubs says that since he gained so much weight, he could only hover a few inches off the ground, so it wasn't much of a loss. Strong Bad believes he's a big liar, and even Homestar Runner reckons he's faking it even with the evidence before his eyes.

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