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Strong Bad answering a Polish email on the Block

Block is the computer Strong Bad uses to answer email from his Eastern European viewers, "across the pond." It has been seen only in the email other days. It has a screen and font similar to that of the Compy 386 and scrolling horizontal lines like the Tandy 400. The screen font is thick and utilitarian; however, the question mark is notably thin. This machine lacks contrast buttons or any other interactive feature common to Strong Bad's other personal computing systems.

The room in which Strong Bad uses the Block appears to be different from his usual Computer Room. The walls of the room a more faded blue, and the desk is darker as well.

The term "Block" is probably a reference to Poland (and most of Eastern Europe) once being part of the "Soviet Bloc".

[edit] Quick Facts

Debut: Email other days

Interactive Feature: None

Font: NOKIA® 5110 FontSet

[edit] Programs

  • polish_email.exe - This checks Eastern European email.
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