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Hey! Thanks for joining the wiki! I assure you, pretty much everyone likes seeing a new user join the wiki, so no matter what you'll be treated well here. If you need any help with editing, users, or anything else ask anyone you want on the Welcoming Committee.

Here are some things to help you get started:

  • Don't know how to edit? Don't know how to do, well.....anything on the wiki? I know, I was like that too. Just check out the help page.
  • Before you do much serious editing on this site, the best thing you can do is visit the standards for doing so.
  • If you want to create a user page, make sure you visit This page. That way, people will love your userpage. Also, the page you are reading this on right now happens to be your talk page, where you and other people can post messages concerning,
  • If you're bored, or you just want to know what to do to help the wiki, visit The Stick.
  • If you're looking to just hang out with all the extremely cool people on this wiki, you might wanna check out the wiki forum. Cool place. If you want a more relaxed environment for chilling with users, check out the IRC channel.
  • When posting a comment, leave your signature and a timestamp to make sure everyone knows you were the one who made it. It's easy, just type four tildes (one o' these: ~) after your comment and it will automatically leave a link to your page. You can customize your sig, by the way, but you might want to ask a Sysop about that technical stuff. Also, when posting a comment that is after another users, just press enter so you are on a new line, then put a colon before you type. Here, check it out:
Here's one!
Here's two!
Here's three!

That way, everyone will tell your comment from someone else's.

  • Here's a complicated page: the The recent changes. It may look weird, but it's actually an incredibly organized program used to detect vandalism. If you didn't hear a word I just said, you might want to head over to the Patrol page.
  • Above all when on the wiki, be Bold and have fun!

Feel free to delort this message when you are done reading it. After all, your userpage belongs to you. Have a fun time on the wiki, and thanks for joining!

Seriously (Talk) 02:23, 11 March 2006 (UTC) and everyone else on the wiki.

[edit] New pages

Hey there Tirgo. Whatcha doin'? The pages you're making aren't really necessary and don't follow our standards. — It's dot com 02:41, 11 March 2006 (UTC)

Yeah. Although I know you mean well, you might want to check otu my welcome message up there. It's got tons of essential links that'll make you a fantabulous contributor. — Seriously (Talk) 02:42, 11 March 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Signing

Hey, just saying that you need to sign your messages. You can do that easily with ~~~~. Thanks! Bluebry 02:49, 11 March 2006 (UTC)

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