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[edit] Renaming

I thought of renaming this page loldotegg because it's funnier (I use user accounts as web hosting [[1]] because I don't get income)

[edit] HRWiki is not a webhost

Hello Loldotcom/Loldotegg, whichever you prefer. I have read your plan to use your userpage as a Web Host. As outlined here, you may not use this wiki for such reasons. While I do hope you stay with us and make constructive edits, I ask you not to abuse your userpage. May I suggest getting a Youtube, Facebook or other such account? You may use those as free Web Hosts, but please do not do so here. --Jellote wuz here 17:01, 15 January 2011 (UTC) Well I can't find a website hosting service because either I get income or the fact that I don't have a E-mail adress, that is the reason I thought of using HRWiki Loldotcom

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