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Greetings! I am the Amanda and this is my talk archive. This page contains summaries of all of the discussions which have happened on my page in 2005. You can click on the "more" links to read the whole discussion. Please do not add discussion to this page or any of the other archival pages; any new discussion should go on my current talk page.

The electronic reply
Discussion of zeppelins with Sir Strong Bad. (more)

The polka party
Weird Al rocks. (more)

The generous donations
Stux gave me sugar and coffee. (more)

The silly picture choice
Fun with pictures. (more)

The mysterious disappearance of TBC
TBC went away for a while and there was much confusion. (more)

The continued identification of images
Two more images identified. (more)


The awesome Magus sprite
Everyone loves Chrono Trigger! (more)

The WikiTikiTavi vandal
Another notable vandal. (more)

The strange block of Bubsty
Bubsty thinks I blocked him and confusion ensues. (more)

The discussion of a computer language I never learned
JoeyDay asks for Perl advice and I am no help whatsoever. (more)

The fall term hiatus
Stux catches me up on wiki happenings. (more)


The unidentified Powered by the Cheat screenshot
Another screenshot identified. (more)

The possibility of spontaneous combustion
I just might. (more)

The biting of styles
Once there was a spastic monkey. (more)

The forgotten password
A lost password. (more)

The magic of the print screen key
How to take computer screenshots. (more)

The unknown sources found
The beginning of the picture identification and caption standardiztion project. (more)

The Photoshopped Strong Mad image
A mysterious Strong Mad picture identified. (more)


The one known as William attached to round objects
How to block this infamous vandal. (more)

The template mistake
I made a template that already existed. Oops. (more)

The organization of pictures
I was a captioning machine. (more)


The STUFF/checkstuffpage
Weird new page. (more)

The goofing around with templates
Amanda's userpage, now with 100% more spifty templates! (more)

The Disney trip
Hiatus for Disney World. (more)

The lack of protection
Mprotecting an image doesn't actually protect it. (more)


The thank-you note from Kinsey
Kinsey has a troll in her house. (more)

The return of that question
How users become sysops, a question almost as popular as this. (more)

The sudden namespace shift
I used to go by "Aurora Szalinski". (more)

The teasing of Jay
Jay doesn't hate me! (more)

The poorly-named deletion template
I made a confusing template. (more)


The right STUFF
It's dot com spearheads the STUFF overhaul, and there is much rejoicing. (more)

The skeleton of Marzipan
I was probably wrong about this one, except that the out-of-frame information was trivial. (more)

The STUFF outburst
I was very annoyed with personal attacks on the old STUFF page. (more)

The greatest anime ever
I love Fullmetal Alchemist. (more)

The wallpapers that used to be on my userpage
One day I made a bunch of wallpapers with print screen, my font collection, and Paintshop. (more)

The character evolution dispute
The character evolution page was completely redundant with Category:Character Evolution.(more)

The discussion of Bo-bombs and STUFF
I would like a pet Bo-bomb. It's dot com would like guinea pigs for the new STUFF. (more)

The old quote on my userpage
Your computer box needs words! (more)

The really big text that mucked up the Sandbox
A text box that covers the edit button is a problem. (more)

The Tuesday that Discover Magazine visited Random Hall
A fellow Randomite shows up on H*RWiki and discussion of Mystery Hunt ensues. (more)


The R!OT radio interview
This was around the time we started worrying about getting permission for everything. (more)

The poorly-made signature
It took me far too long to switch to a sig template. (more)


The compulsive typist
I wrote up a bunch of stuff for PAY PLUS! really fast. (more)

The unidentified quotes
Science! I said science again! (more)

The spam-filled Hotmail account
I should check it more often. (more)

The newfound powers of sysophood
I was bitten by a radioactive sysop and inherited his proportional strength and editing powers. (more)

The infinite ban
Jay and I see what happens when bans collide. (more)

The virus page's Flash glitch
I really wish people would stop putting Flash tricks on the Main Page pages. (more)


The iron cup of Brunswick Stew
My first projects result in my first award. (more)

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